Patient Feedback Reimagined

Close the feedback loop with seamless patient data collection, real-time analytic tools
and a solution that helps you engage your patients and grow your practice.

Measure Outcomes

Seamlessly automate the collection of patient-reported outcomes data with validated measures.

Track Experience

Track patient experience alongside outcomes. Use real-time insight to improve your practice operations.

Optimize Care

Use patient-reported data to deliver more personalized, proactive care and drive quality improvement.

Create Value

Deliver better care for your patients, deliver greater value for payers and succeed as a practice.

Simple Patient Registration

We know how busy it can be and we’ve designed our platform to make it as frictionless as possible for you and your team to get patients on-board. Some basic identifiers are all that’s needed, you can even opt to use research Patient IDs instead of names and other sensitive identifiers. Register, apply a follow-up template and let the platform take care of the rest.

Customizable Check-ins

Create your own check-in schedules that fit your specialty, practice goals and patient pathways. Define when you want to check-in with patients, with which measures and at what time intervals. Use templates that let our automated platform take care of the rest. We also supply pre-made templates to help you get started and support many of ICHOM’s standard sets.

Email and SMS notifications

Give patients the experience of a mobile app but without the pain of having to actually download and install an app. We send notifications to patients by email and/or text message with unique links to our patient-facing web application where they can complete surveys and read targeted educational content. Automated reminders branded and customized to your practice boost response rates.

Seamless Patient Experience

We’ve made it as easy as possible for patients to engage and respond. Our survey interfaces are modern, easy to use and deliver frictionless experience regardless of the device they’re viewed on (mobile or desktop). If it makes sense for your patients, you can even deliver short surveys entirely through text message!

Easy Practice Management

We’ve built tools that make it easy to manage the patients you track. Through our experience working with several practices we know the key to implementation success is having a solution that works for everyone, not just the clinical leadership spearheading the program.

Detailed Patient Insight

Be alerted when patients report a significant decline in any of their PRO scores. Dive in to the detail to understand where your patients are struggling. Use your unique patient-centered insight to guide care, enable targeted follow-up and drive consultations and treatments around the important issues.

Powerful Population Tools

Assess your patient outcomes across groupings of patients or your entire patient panel. Identify outliers and those patients who might benefit from additional visits or support. Use your real-world outcomes data to discuss expectations with patients and come to shared-decisions.

Make it your own

We give departments, clinics and solo-practitioners the ability to craft their program and apply their own branding and messaging. The reason patients engage is you – your brand and your existing relationship with your patients – and we want to help you strengthen that.

Put it to work today

The easiest way to learn more is start using the platform in your practice!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the platform integrate with EHRs?

While our Measure (free) and Practice (paid) plans do not currently have full integration with electronic medical records, we have designed the platform to work efficiently alongside EHRs with minimal duplication of data entry. If you have specific needs around EHR integration, please get in touch about our Enterprise plan.

How long does it take to get up and running?

It’s incredibly quick to get up and running. After you sign up, we’ll create your account and email you with the login details. When you log in for the first time, you’ll be taken through a short practice set up process where you can customize your settings and add other users to your practice. Once you’ve taken a tour of the product you’ll be ready to start adding your first patients!

Are there any system requirements for the platform?

As our platform is hosted securely in the cloud the system requirements are very minimal. As a provider user the platform is best viewed on a modern web browser (eg. Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer 10+). For patients, to be as inclusive as possible we support most browsers, even older versions of Internet Explorer.

What are the keys to running a successful program?

Through our work with many clients we’ve discovered a few components to running a successful outcomes program that engages patients and delivers value for the healthcare providers and clinics. Here are a few high level pieces of advice:
1) A clinical champion is a must – in busy work environments it’s easy for your program to fall by the way side. Having a clinical champion to hammer home it’s importance and lead by example is critical early on.
2) Define responsibilities and engage your team – it’s likely there will be multiple team members involved in your outcomes measurement program and they need to be engaged, understand their responsibilities and be able to explain it to patients.
3) Think through workflows and triggers in your clinic – work through the logistics, especially around patient registration – Which patients should be registered? At what point should they be registered? Who is going to do it?
4) Explain the program to your patients and underline its importance – if patients understand how important it is to respond to communications and how the data will be used to improve care they’ll be much more engaged.
5) Customize your outreach copy – In our platform you have the ability to change the wording of all the messages that go out to patients and create customized welcome emails to the program. Take full advantage and make your outreach to patients as authentic and engaging as possible.
6) Use the data at the point of care with your patients – if your patients and staff see the data being used to help make decisions and discuss issues it will reinforce its benefits and importance.

What questions should I be asking before I get started?

The main questions you should be asking pertain to the program you want to run – your goals, your inclusion criteria, the measures you want to use, the time period over which you want to collect data and who will be involved.

What outcome and experience measures can I use?

We have a large repository of available patient-reported outcome and experience measures. A full list can be viewed here. When you set up your practice you can choose which measures you want to use. Because our platform is free for initial use, we have focused on measures that are free-to-use. Should you wish to use a measure that requires special licensing, get in touch and we would love to help you.

Can I use the platform to report quality measures?

For paid plans, absolutely yes! We’re particularly excited about helping you accomplish your goals with CJR, MIPS and registry reporting. But, whatever the program you’re interested in reporting to, get in touch and we would love to make it happen.

What response rate do you see from patients?

Across our customers, we tend to see 80-90% response rates at up to 1 year. That is, of all the patient-reported outcome surveys we send out to patients, 80-90% are completed. Part of that success is the way we’ve engineered our product, but also the incredible practices we work with who are dedicated to their programs and patients.

How can I get the highest response rates and most engaged patients?

We recommend a few key things to maximize engagement and response rates. 1) Explain your program to patients and why it’s important. 2) Use the data your patient reports at the point-of-care. 3) Customize your messaging to explain the details of your program and why it matters. 4) Use the platform to send educational content alongside surveys and deliver extra value to your patients. 5) Get your team on-board and have a member of your team in charge of patient management, dealing with logistical issues and giving patients the odd nudge.

Can I use customized surveys for my patients?

We are always looking to expand our collection of surveys! If it is a survey that is free and open to use get in touch and we’ll make it happen. For customers on paid plans we can explore implementing surveys that are customized to your organization. If you want to use an instrument that requires a license we can work with you to get the appropriate permissions and make it available for your use.

Can I use the platform outside of the US?

While our platform has been designed for the US market, we recognize that outcomes and experience measurement is a global issue. We are working on allowing further customizations to allow our platform to be more easily used internationally. For example, currently we only support text-messaging in the US and dates and times are localized to Pacific Time. Our platform complies with US HIPAA regulations regarding the storage and management of protected health information. In using our platform outside of the US, you agree with our terms of service and take on any risk associated in complying with local laws and regulations that may apply for your use case.

Can I use the platform to send things other than surveys?

Yes! We give you the functionality to create your own emails that can be scheduled just like any other survey in the platform. You can use these to author custom educational content to be sent out at relevant times in a patient’s recovery. You might want to use these emails to bring certain aspects of your practice or recovery program to their attention.